Dynamic Tao and Its Manifestations

wayne at TIT

Never would I have imagined this day that I could share my personal curiosity about Tao Te Ching with you. I truly have gotten much more than what I was seeking. Numerous people have made this happen in a natural way. I need to thank many people I have known in my life.



at Taipei Institute of Technology Library 1964 


I remember the simple life of my parents, the kindness of my siblings, and the selfless sacrifices of my brother, Shi-Yuen Wang, to support my higher education. With love, they have shown me a life of simplicity and harmony. Besides this, I was fortunate to have the generous support of Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Liu of I-Lan City, Taiwan, to continue my graduate studies in the U.S. I thank them and their family.



Parents and Liu family, Morlie, Steve 1977

With Jennie

Jennie at Argonne Park 1985

There was no single thread leading to my undertaking of writing this book. Some years ago on a train in Taiwan, I decided to translate this book because it was the shortest Chinese classic and the most difficult book to understand. I spent many long and isolated hours on this book. All my family members deserve recognition for their understanding. In particular, thanks are due to my wife, Jennie, for her encouragement to publish this book. Thanks are also due to my parents who lived in a fashion that was so close to Tao – without ever mentioning the word. I dedicate this work to them, my brother and sisters, my children - Morlie, Steve, Helena, my wife Jennie, and many friends.


Helena Painting

I would also like to thank Professors Chen Guu-ying and John Hsueh-li Cheng for their encouragement. Thanks are also due to Rene Dean, Laura Ku, Bill Masters, and Mark Ristich for their comments on the manuscript.

我也感謝陳鼓應教授和鄭學禮教授的鼓勵。在準備手稿中,我也在此感謝 Rene Dean,顧 Laura,Bill Masters,和 Mark Ristich的意見。

personal seal

Helena painting Mt. Danali