7. Tao and the Holographic Principle

(excerpts from the Dynamic Tao and Its Manifestation)

Venturing to the farthest frontier of our scientific research brings obvious risks, but the similarity is too interesting to ignore. Recently, scientists have arrived at a critical point in their dreams of unifying all physical theories into a single unified theory. For the last 50 years, extensive research efforts in particle physics, black hole thermodynamics, quantum gravity and string theory finally led towards a unified theory of the universe. For our purposes, we shall consider a conclusion from the Quantum Cosmology that the universe may be represented as holograms. This holographic principle is discussed in details in [HA01] and [SM01].

7.2 The Holographic Principle

We may extrapolate the holographic principle to formulate a new representation of Yu and Wu in Tao philosophy. If we take Wu to be the infinite universe of our minds, we may query this Wu universe. The answers are manifested as the Yu states to us. This is what happens when we consult Tao for guidance in our life. The analogy may be illustrated in Figure 4.

Figure 4; Tao and the holographic principle

The state of Wu is inside the Tao universe and what we can observe is on the surface. This figure shows what we can see on the screen display as the Yu state. This Yu surface of the Tao universe is connected to Wu in the unseen volume.

Most of the time, we are not in the Oneness state, so each of us will see a different Yu state, whose scope depends on the state of the observer. This holographic principle provides a convenient way to delineate the relationships between Yu and Wu, as Laotzu states in the Tao Te Ching.

7.6 The Mystery

So far we might have been amazed by such astonishing scientific descriptions of our universe that we can apply directly to our understanding of Tao, without much speculation. Why do our interpretations of Tao come so close to a theory that involves the most complicated and rigorous mathematics and physics formulations in history?

I do not know why. However, the evidence is clear that Laotzu has described an inner universe in a way that is consistent with our understanding of the physical universe so far. The discovery of this unexpected convergence adds to all the mysteries we have in our inner minds and the universe.