10. Lao-tzu's Philosophy in a New Light

Dynamic Tao and Its Manifestations

We started this project with thesingle goal of translating the Tao Te Ching accurately into English. We have gone through many unexpected and very fruitful exercises that guided us to this stage. The results are far more than what we could have imagined before.

We have achieved a major milestone in understanding the Tao philosophy, but our study in this direction is only a first step. We have yet to fully explore what impact this new understanding of Tao philosophy might have upon historical interpretations of the Tao Te Ching itself and the development of Chinese philosophy in general.

10.1 Paradoxes

Without elaborate speculation, we have resolved most, if not all, of the paradoxes and mysteries that have been with us since the Tao Te Ching was created 2500 years ago. Our efforts - quite unexpectedly - have established a modern framework for future studies of Tao philosophy, and the framework parallels ongoing scientific endeavors. The mysteries of Tao have finally been connected to the mysteries of the physical universe.

10.2 A Modern Tao Philosophy?

We have not created a modern Tao philosophy; what we have presented is simply a restoration of the original Tao philosophy as described by Laotzu. Great care was taken not to bring anything new to his words. The Tao Te Ching was treated with utmost respect and not altered in any way.

What was changed, however, was the frame of reference used. It was our minds that drastically changed in order to accept and fully realize what Laotzu said. The change is in the same manner that we changed to accept quantum theory, relativity, and quantum gravity. We changed to recognize and accept the model of Tao that was originally presented by Laotzu.

10.3 A Tale of Two Universes

This is the first time the dynamics in Tao philosophy have been clearly demonstrated, and can now be linked to observations in our vast universe. The poetic encoding of Tao dynamics in the Tao Te Ching is clear but not obvious. Our understanding of the laws of nature (physics) has now paved a way for us to describe the full dynamics of Tao in a similar framework. It is a surprise, but our inner universe indeed reflects the outer universe in a consistent way. This is also a fundamental Buddhist view that our inner self should reflect the outer universe.

This is an indicationof a great convergence of the two universes. Such unification may serve as the base for our next leap onto new plateaus. We should also be able to reach a similar conclusion on the Tao dynamics from other human endeavors that seek harmonious dynamic relationships. This may include fine arts, performing arts, and mathematics, etc. As we have stressed in our presentation of the Tao philosophy, quantum cosmology is only one example.

1.4 New Minds, Open Doors

The way we study Tao will take a new turn into an unknown dimension. Now Tao may be comprehended as a coherent and consistent philosophy. With this new foundation, we may extrapolate our new understanding of Tao towards other human endeavors, perhaps, with a similar impact that other scientific philosophies have had on our daily lives.

It will take a while before we fully realize what we have found. As for now, we should take some time to ponder on the amazing correlation and coherency that has come to light. With such a proper orientation of our minds, we may enjoy a coherent presentation of the Tao Te Ching. The translation presented in Part II will reflect that coherency, and may be used as a new base for unlimited personal speculations.

A new door has opened to all.