A Systematic Analysis of Tao Philosophy   [ISBN 0-9727496 - the book is available on this site]

A Book by Wayne L. Wang, Ph.D.- Published by Helena Island Publisher, Darien, Illinois


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After 2500 years, this ancient philosophy has finally been restored back to its coherent and consistent way. There were no paradoxes in the Tao Te Ching. The paradoxes were only in our minds. Today's readers now have a chance to understand without confusion, by using a framework based on clear and systematic Tao principles. The secrets of the Tao mysteries were told....by Lao-tzu himself. Dynamic Tao and its Manifestations decodes Lao-tzu's theory, bringing to light the relationship to modern physics from Einstein to Hawking, revealing a most accurate, consistent and vivid description of Tao philosophy. The included new translation of the Tao Te Ching restores the original intent and will revolutionize the perception of Tao philosophy forever.

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