The Dynamic Tao and Its Manifestations

The Project

This project started as a curiosity about the general mysterious notion about Tao Philosophy. There have been few rigorous attempt to present Tao as a coherent philosophy; most interpretations and translations enjoyed the usual ambiguities and contradictions. I feel it is important to lay a systematic foundation so that this philosophy can provide a beneficial base for our daily life. I started with a simple belief that Laotzu has survived so long because he has some timeless truth to be explored.

A Fresh Look on Tao  A very unconventional approach emerged as a necessity to present this philosophy in a coherent way. By not following the classic path, this analysis turns out to be a great advantage in dealing with this book. It shall become apparent that many historical commentaries and interpretations were unbiased and some mis-interpretations were not unintentional.

Underlying Consistency  The project has continued for more than 5 years. Many significant recoveries of the major Tao concepts have been made. Most discoveries were not made by elaborate interpretations, but by returning back to the simplest and straightforward reading of the original texts. Ths dynamics of Tao appears naturally throughout the words of Laotzu, after the historical dust is removed. For the first time, we can show that there is a conceptual framework that can present Tao philosophy with total coherency. This framework is also consistent with our 100 years of conceptual breakthrough in sciences.

New Mindset and New Start Our purpose is to restore the words of Laotzu. A slight change in our minds can drastically change our capacity to realize what Laotzu has said in his book. This required new paradym in many ways is similar to what we have done to accept quantum theory, relativity, and quantum gravity.

What are under development

In addition to resolving many issues in Tao philosophy, the formalism will have impact to other philosophical, religious, and spiritual discussions. We shall try to apply the universal principles in various other human endeavours. The mysteries in the Tao Te Ching can be clearly presented, but the project is just a beginning for what can be built on this new foundation. Material will be added to the site on Eastern and Western Philosophy, and Modern Sciences.

Understanding Tao Philosophy Documents


Document Title



1.The Dynamic Tao and Its Manifestation

This book is an attempt to provide a systematic and coherent interpretation of the Tao Te Ching. It discusses the fundamental principle of Tao in terms of Laotzu's words under a new light of modern sciences.

2.The Basic Theory of Tao Philosophy

This paper brings the Principle of Oneness as the most fundamental principle in Tao and shows how the principle may be applied in oour pursuit of harmony in the world.

3.The Principle of Oneness and Field-Being Philosophy

This paper discuss the principle of Oneness in the framework of Field-Being Philosophy and further establishes the Principle as the very core of Tao Philosophy.

4.Field Theory of Tao

This is an early attempt to relate Tao Philosophy to quantum field theory. This paper was published in Chinese.


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