Tao Te Ching 


A new and coherent interpretation of Tao philosophy.

Similarity with the early Greek philosophy and the Buddhist philosophy.

A principle consistent with the philosophy of science.

This will lay a common foundation for a universal Philosophy of Oneness.

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Tao philosophy deals with the fundamental nature of reality. This aspect has not been recognized and can now be systematically presented, without referring to the unusual mysteries associated with this philosophy. A reality may appear differently to each of us, but all these appearances reflect the the same reality. This is the Principle of Oneness.

Oneness is a fundamental concept about reality that is shared by the Early Greek philosophers and the Buddha. This project is a complete reassessment of Tao Philosophy based on this non-dualistic formulation. We also have a new translation based on the Principle of Oneness.

The Main Subjects

The general problems we will consider in this website are:

  1. The basic Architecture of Reality in terms of our Knowledge,
  2. The relationship between reality and the appearances of world, and
  3. The Principle of Oneness as a common philosophy for all.

The unconventional approach is a necessity to present Tao philosophy in a coherent way. This model analysis has great advantage in dealing with this extremely difficult book. We shall see that many historical interpretations have not been able to reveal the nature of Tao. This project has continued for more than 5 years after I published my first interpretation (the Dynamic Tao and Its Manifestations). Many significant Tao concepts have been recovered and correlated. 

An Ultimate Interpretation of Tao

The project is to remove the unnecessary mysteries cast on this philosophy for thousands of years and to reveal a principle naturally and consistently. After we understand this basic principle, we can have an ultimate interpretation of Tao.


We shall discuss Tao and other non-dualistic philosophies in this web site. The common pattern of thinking is called The Principle of Oneness. The discussion is based on my research as published or under preparation for publication. The topics are:

The Dynamic Tao and Its Manifestation

This book provides a systematic and coherent interpretation of the <i>Tao Te Ching</i>. It discusses the fundamental principle of Tao in Laotzu's words and of modern sciences.

The Basic Theory of Tao Philosophy

This paper brings the Principle of Oneness formally as the  fundamental principle of Tao Philosophy. It shows the principle and the physical-mathematical model.

The Principle of Oneness and Field-Being Philosophy

This paper discusses the Principle of Oneness in the framework of Field-Being Philosophy.

(Book) The Principle of Oneness in East-West Philosophy

This book discusses how The Principle of Oneness appears in Tao Philosophy, the early Greek Philosophies, and Buddhist Philosophy..