The Higgs Field (spontaneous symmetry breaking)

As the universe expanded and cooled, the vast universe became emptier and the field fluctuation became more subdued. The field condensed into a Higgs field as a vacuum. This field is pervasive and is called the Higgs ocean. All particles interact with this ubiquitous Higgs ocean and thus acquire mass. The particles become resistant to change their velocities. The Higgs field resists only when particles are in accelerated motion. It has no effect on constant motion. Photons do not interact with the Higgs field, so it acquires no mass.

Formation of the Higgs field may be considered as a phase transition. In this transition, (1) the massless particles acquire non-zero masses, and (2) different particles acquire different masses, thus break the symmetry state of all particles. The main impact is that the empty space is not a state of absolute nothingness.

How is it related to Tao Philosophy?